YA Shopping List is about simplicity. It is designed to do your job fast and easy.

  • Today List menu is for products that you have to buy today.
  • Shopping Lists menu contains all your lists.
  • Barcode. With the barcode scanner the YA Shopping list becomes your ultimate shopping helper – so easy to set, so flawless in action.
  • Catalog menu contains a predefined catalog of products.
  • Create List menu will help you easily create a shopping list from a scratch by pasting items (e.g. from an e-mail) or typing them yourself.
  • Templates. Creating daily shopping lists has never been easier.
  • Calculator. Use this menu if you just want to know how much you will pay at the cash-desk.
YA Shopping List

Today List

Add the items you need to buy today fast directly from the main screen. All the items will be automatically deleted when the day ends.

Versatile Shopping List Window

The most time you will spent into the main shopping list screen. You can add fast the items you need to buy. Once the items are added you can:

  • Change the price directly from the main screen using the keyboard button visible on every row next to the product’s name.
  • Swipe left or right to decrease or increase the quantity you are going to buy for every product.
  • Click on a table row to see the details of the selected product and change some other attributes.
  • Use the filter button to show only the products from a particular Store.

Barcode Scanner

This feature will come in handy when you create a shopping list or when you start following one (when you go shopping).

  • When you are creating a shopping list you usually check what products (items) you are running out of. Instead of entering them manually in the list you can simply scan the barcode on their packaging. The barcode scanner comes with a predefined database ( with million of products and the scanned barcode will be automatically searched in that database and entered in your list if found. If not found in the predefined barcode database it will be automatically added there for future references.
  • The barcode scanner is also designed to help you with the shopping. When you have your shopping list already created with the barcodes of the items added as well, a product from the list will be automatically moved to the Cart (marked as purchased) when you scan its barcode upon putting it in the real cart in the shop. To activate the barcode scanner in that mode double tap on the toolbar.


The YA Shopping List application comes with a predefined catalog with items you can choose from. The products are ordered by categories which makes the navigation easier. You can always use the search option available, as well. If you find the content of the catalog insufficient you can add your own categories and items.

Create List

You don’t much like the catalog browsing? You have just received and e-mail with products to buy (e.g. from your spouse, roommate, or friend)? The Create List menu is just for you. Type or paste the items for your new shopping list. If you paste a list of items, use for delimiter: ‘new line’ or ‘,’ (comma) so the application will order the products correctly. Click the “Create” button, choose a name for your shopping list and the list is done for you. If the products already exist in the catalog they will be reused, otherwise new one will be created.


You need to know how much money you will pay at the cash-desk? YA Shopping list provides the Calculator. You can use it to add the price of every item you buy and you will have a list with all prices and the total sum. If you buy a product that has a price for a kilogram for example use the multiply function to calculate the right price. If you buy more than one item with the same price, add it once and press plus button multiple times.


The stores in some countries publish the prices without tax. Using the settings of the application you can specify a tax in percents. When you are working with a shopping list at the toolbar you have the prices in your cart and the total sum. Swipe left or right over them to see the sums with and without tax. Using the keyboard you add the price without tax and in the list you see all the prices with and without taxes. You can additionally set custom tax per product.

Sharing and Templates

You want to share some of your shopping lists with your spouse, friend, etc. It is easy to do that with YA Shopping List. Using the share option you can send via e-mail each one of the shopping lists that you have. When your spouse or friend receives an e-mail with your shopping list they can import it directly in the YA Shopping List app.

If you do a lot of similar shoppings you can use templates. You can create a template from scratch or save an existing shopping list as a template. Once you have the template created you can use it as a base to create a new shopping list.